We supply and pump cypress mulch, tea tree mulch and more in Mackay


Mulching — Gardening in Mt Pleasant, QLD
Mulching — Gardening in Mt Pleasant, QLD
Mulching — Gardening in Mt Pleasant, QLD
Mulching the garden is easy, affordable and stress-free with Bark Blowers Mackay. Just sit back and relax as our mulch pumping team applies an even spread of composts, mulch and mixes to your garden.

So why opt for a bark blower instead of going to the shed to get the shovel and wheelbarrow?

  1. Results achieved in a fraction of the time as opposed to manual mulching.
  2. Our mulch blowers break down clumps, resulting in a smooth and even spread.
  3. With a 70m hose, our technicians can reach hard-access areas and steep slopes, ensuring every stretch of the garden is covered properly in mulch.
  4. Mulch is pumped directly with a precise nozzle, ensuring minimal mess and easy relocation.
  5. Our blower has an adjustable throttle, ensuring mulch is applied at a speed that doesn't damage delicate areas and existing plant life.

We use only the best forest mulch for our clients' gardens. Mulch is perfect for protection against soil erosion, as well as repelling ticks, fleas and gnats.
Our selection includes:
  • Inch pine bark
  • Shredded hardwood
  • Tea tree mulch
  • Soft fall pine bark
  • Cypress mulch
  • Woodchips
For new gardens, already planted gardens, slopes or embankments—Bark Blowers Mackay has got the spread you need. Call us today for a dirt-cheap deal.

We are Mackay's only specialised mulch spreader, servicing residential and commercial clients throughout the Bowen Basin, the Whitsundays and every region in between.